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Airshow China 2018



If the registration form is submitted by the Italian participant and received by then IAN, then the applicant is required to participate in accordance with their specified form of participation. The participant is hereby obliged to adhere to the Terms & Conditions of participation as stated below in the Italian collective submission. IAN shall register applications in the order that they are received. The layout of the stand shall be based on the registered stand size and upon the order of received applications.

IAN reserves the right to adhere to the order of applications in the event of the available space being exceeded, or to evenly distribute the available space. IAN also reserves the right to refuse registrations when there is no longer space
available or if applications are received after the set deadline.

2 – COST

Participation with a stand area of at least 9 sqm includes the following items:

__Stand design, stand area, stand construction and stand furnishing with:
___Floor covering in a standard color
___Uniform signage, Italy decoration
___ Standard lighting
___ Standard furniture
___ Standard electricity

__Standard inclusion of your company profile in the official exhibition catalogue and Italian Pavilion brochure.

__Central registration (badges / invitations)

__Use of central lounge (incl. catering and facilities to receive business relations)

__Coordination of collective goods transport

__Suggestion for collective accommodation. Actual booking to be made by participants.

__Accompaniment on-site

Items NOT included in the participation fee are:

__Transport, loading & unloading, customs clearance, and installation of exhibition goods and
documentation of participants

__Costs for access and parking tickets/invitations

__Additional entries in the official exhibition catalogue

__Travel and accommodation costs

__Costs for additional furnishings for the stand, such as furniture, display cases, photo panels, extra lighting,
machine set-ups and the like, and extras such as console and cupboard in a panel presentation

__Extra connection and usage costs for water/electricity/internet/telephone

__Salaries for interpreters, booth helpers/assistants, and other special facilities

Costs for these and other services are charged extra.


IAN shall use a custom-made stand. On registration, the participant agrees to make use of IAN contracted
supplier for the design and construction of the stand.


Participants shall transfer 50% of the participation fee to the IAN immediately upon allocation of their stand
area. The remaining 50% of the participation fee shall be paid one month before the commencement of the
trade show. Other costs which are not included in the participation fee will be charged separately and paid
by the participant. Participants shall receive an itemized invoice and the participant hereby agrees to pay it
within 30 days of the date of the invoice.


In the event of cancellation by a participant, participants are still liable for the full participation fee as IAN
cannot recover these costs. This obligation also applies to costs incurred by IAN contracted firms.


IAN reserves the right to cancel the Italian submission. The participant shall not be entitled to withdraw
from the agreement, nor claim compensation. Should the exhibition of the collective submission be
cancelled, IAN shall not be liable for any losses or other negative consequences that the stand-holder may
have incurred. On cancellation, the participation fee shall be refunded after deduction of expenses incurred
by IAN for the meeting of its obligations at that time.


The participant is obliged to adhere to all deadlines set by IAN on behalf of its activities. In the event that
the participant does not meet this requirement, IAN shall not be held responsible for any eventualities.


It is the responsibility for participants to arrange for themselves any necessary insurance against
transportation delay, theft, or damage of any kind or loss thereof for exhibition equipment, other property,
as well as for personal injury. Participants shall be responsible for the packing and sending of exhibition
goods before, during and after the duration of the exhibition. If so desired, participants can make
arrangements with IAN appointed stand-builder to cooperate with the packing and sending of goods.
However, the responsibility remains with the participant.



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