Aviation materials are like building materials, it is the cornerstone of the aeronautical building, in order to meet the design requirements of high weight loss and long service life for a new generation of Chinese domestic aircraft, to provide timely and reliable technical support for the engineering and model material application, the key materials must realize domestically made and realize independent innovation.

With the government’s high attention and strong domestic market demand, China’s civil aviation industry is facing unprecedented opportunities and favorable environment. The “13th Five-Year Plan” and the launch of “Made in China 2025” have pointed out the direction of China’s aviation industry construction and promoted the rapid development of aviation industry in China.

Focusing on special metal functional materials, high-performance structural materials, functional polymer materials, special inorganic nonmetallic materials and advanced composite materials. Advance the development of superconducting materials, Nano materials, graphene, bio-based materials and other strategic frontier materials. Accelerate the development of advanced melting, solidification molding, gas deposition, profile processing, efficient synthesis of new materials and other key technologies and equipment. We should strengthen basic research and system construction, break through bottlenecks in industrialization, and speed up upgrading and upgrading of basic materials. Adhere to “innovation driven and green development”, promote the integration of information and industrialization, enhance the industrial basic ability, focus on the new generation of information technology industry, high-grade CNC machine tools and robots, aeronautics and Astronautics equipment, improve the aircraft material and its processing technology, “perceptibility” and ” intelligent”.

Under this background, the ‘6th Annual China Aeronautical Materials and Process Summit’ (CAMPS 2018) will be held in the city of Chengdu on September 12th – 13th. On behalf of the organizing committee, we sincerely invite you to participate in this Summit. Jointly promote the development of China’s aeronautical materials industry.



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