As one of the national 13th Five Year Plan and “Made in China 2025” key development projects, the aerospace manufacturing industry has become a national strategic industry, which is of great significance for improving the overall industrial strength of a country. In the past year, the C919 aircraft has undergone the first flight to formally enter the airworthiness certification stage; the MA700 also entered Engineering in the development stage,; the ARJ21 will receive the license for mass production and be delivered to the operation; the Sino-Russian wide-body aircraft was Officially established and entered the preliminary design stage, AG600 project is also scheduled to fly within the year. The progress of these projects reflects the different needs of Chinese aircraft projects at different times.


In this context, the “9th Civil Aircraft Industry International Forum 2018” will be held in Chengdu on September 12th and 13th (Wednesday to Thursday). This forum will strive to create a platform for communication, cooperation, and innovation. It will promote the exchange of aircraft design, manufacturing, assembly, airworthiness certification, and user needs among domestic and overseas, find opportunities for cooperation among enterprises, through forms of keynote speeches ,interactive discussions, exhibitions and one-on-one business meetings, to understand the technological development and market demand for cutting-edge development of commercial aerospace manufacturing industry, and jointly contribute to the progress of China’s aerospace industry.
Hot Topics

_Achieving “Made In China 2025″ – The Development Goal Of China’s Civil Aircraft Industry Under The New International Environment Background

_Realizing The Innovation Breakthroughs Through Risk Sharing And Subcontracted Production

_Brief Analysis On Structure And System Optimization Of The E195-E2 Aircraft

_Technical Features Of Wide-Body Aircraft In Design And Manufacture

_How Will The Cooperation Mechanism Under The Implementation Procedure For Airworthiness (IPA) Between The US And China Enhance The Airworthiness Certification Work Of Aviation Products

_How Will The Application Of New Aircraft Types And Technologies Meet The Requirements Of Airworthiness Certification

_How Will The Numerical Control Processing Technology Of Large And Complicated Components Of Cross-Generation Aircraft Speed Up The Development And Massive Production Of New-Generation Aircraft

_Application And Challenge Of The Cutting-Edge Technologies For Manufacturing And Processing Of The Civil Aircraft


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