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Event Background

As one of the most distinctive creations of aviation technology in the 20th century, helicopter has greatly expanded the application scope of aircraft. According to the China Aviation Industry Development Research Center, China’s civilian helicopter market will continue to develop relatively fast in the next 10 years, the annual growth rate of the fleet will remain at a high level of 13.8%, the size of the fleet is expected to exceed 3500 by 2027, and the demand for civilian helicopters in the Chinese market will be 2668. Such a huge market demand will bring a rare historical opportunity for the development of China’s civil helicopter industry.

Under this background, 3rd Civil Helicopter Industry International Forum 2019(CHIIF 2019) will be held on June 26th -27th, in the city of Shanghai. CHIIF 2019 will bring together 200 delegates from Government Agencies, Helicopter Operators, Manufacturers, Sea Oil Business Service Providers, Police Agencies, Search and Rescue Organizations, Parks, Financing Suppliers and Helicopter Industry Solution Providers to discuss Helicopter Operations, Helicopter Leasing Diversified Development, Internet + Helicopters and Pilot Training and other hot topics.

We look forward to meeting you in Shanghai.

Hot Topics

1. Civil Helicopter Industry Policy And Future Development Trend

Accelerate The Development And Airworthiness Of Civilian Helicopters And Promote The Sustainable Development Of The Helicopter Industry

Applicability Of Transport Airworthiness Regulations From The Perspective Of General Aviation

Civil Helicopter Future Development Planning And Policy Environment

Optimize Helicopter Flight Personnel Training And Reserve

How Does The Country Promote The Development Of The Helicopter Industry?

Domestic Helicopter Innovation Breakthrough And Future Market

China Civil Helicopter Market Report for 2019

2. Exploration and development of key systems for civil helicopters

FCX-001 – Overcoming The Rotor’s Counter Torque With An Electrically Driven Exhaust System For Increased Safety

Development And Thinking Of Civil Helicopter Power System

Application Of Helicopter Near-Earth Warning Technology In Flight Safety

Discussion On Electromechanical System Technology Of Domestic Civil Helicopters

Civil Helicopter Low-Cost Operation Solution

3. Helicopter MRO Market Analysis

Improve Helicopter Cost Structure, Rationalize Supply Chain And Improve Profitability

Multi-Purpose Helicopter Daily Maintenance

4. Helicopter Medical Rescue And Fire Prevention

Helicopter Medical Rescue Development Under The Internet Environment

The Development And Thinking Of China’s Aviation Medical Rescue Industry

The Enlightenment Of Foreign Aviation Disaster Prevention Model To The Construction Of Forest Disaster Prevention And Fire Rescue System In China

Demand Analysis Of Future Airborne Equipment For Police Helicopters

5. Sea Oil Exploration And Others

Difficulties In Offshore Operations And Future Development

Domestic Large Helicopter Technology Leapfrog

Helicopter Airworthiness Safety Certification Process

Market Prospects In The Operation Of Domestic Multi-Purpose Helicopters

Urban Air Traffic Solution – Breakthrough In Autonomous Flight Technology

6. Civil Helicopter Finance And Leasing

The Development And Challenges Of The Helicopter Leasing Business In The Chinese China Helicopter Financial Leasing Industry Development Trends, Investment Forecasts And Challenges

Establishment Of Helicopter Emergency Rescue Service System

7. Interactive Discussion  

 Opportunities And Challenges For The Development Of Civil Helicopters Under The Reconstruction Of The General Aviation Regulation System

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