Primary activities

The primary activities of the Consortium are a combination of institutional, vertical and projectual activities. The first are essential for making the Consortium known and appreciated in the countries where we operate, creating a suitable context of credibility and reliability. The second are dedicated to the specific needs of companies. The latter are useful to stimulate the market and bring opportunities to the benefit of consortium members.

Fairs, events and meetings 20%
B2B and 1 on 1 technical meetings 45%
Aggregation & thematic projects 35%

Institutional Activities

We have always actively collaborated with the Embassies, Consulates and Chambers of Commerce of the countries where we operate. We participate in activities concerning Italy abroad, discuss development issues and together plan vertical activities that benefit the plurality of companies.

Together with them, we promote the skills and competences of Italian companies.

Institutional activities also include participation in trade fairs and industry events.


Vertical activities bring consortium members and technical partners into contact with the main players in the market (OEMs or leading companies), avoiding, as far as possible, wasting time on mere general presentation meetings. We know the market players, we know their structure (departments and related companies), how they operate and how they select suppliers. Vertical activities are focused on them and are goal-oriented.

Projectual Activities

We study thematic or aggregation projects through which consortium members and technical partners can promote their services, products, skills and competences by addressing local partners with whom they can then develop the market more efficiently and effectively. The projectual activities are mainly, but not exclusively, aimed at those markets where there are no major players yet but where the market itself is ready for them, where local companies wish to develop the potential of the aerospace sector. Starting with a project idea, we highlight the skills and competences of Italian companies, so that collaborations and new opportunities can arise from the project.

Supplementary activities

Supplementary activities arise from the needs of consortium members and technical partners, and can be modulated according to actual requirements. They start with the customisation and adaptation of business development support material, go through on-site business development activities, to technical support during the business development phases.

Business Set-Up
Web designer 20%
Business Development
Web designer 60%
On-site Technical Support
Web designer 20%


Type of activity: a corpo

Before tackling the vast Asian market, it is essential to understand its cultural norms and language differences. Both elements, which are very often overlooked, have a decisive influence on the achievement of objectives.

It is therefore necessary to check that the tools that will be used (presentations, catalogues, etc.) and methodologies of approach are compatible and effective with respect to the culture and language with which one will be confronted.

Our technical and graphic personnel are available to help you, if necessary, to adapt and customise your tools.

Business Development

Type of activity: package

Developing a new market and achieving the expected objectives requires field activities aimed at meeting new potential customers, making oneself known and appreciated, and establishing a relationship of mutual trust and esteem.

IAN is at the disposal of consortium members and technical partners to define and provide all necessary support.

On-site Technical Support

Type of activity: package

Developing projects or managing orders also means being able to offer its customers adequate on-site technical support.

IAN is at the disposal of consortium members and technical partners to define and provide all necessary support.

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