Three types so that all companies can find the
right fit


Sharing of principles and goals

Joining the Italian Aerospace Network means first of all sharing its principles and goals. The consortium consists of several companies, each with its own identity and autonomy. The plurality of companies gives the Consortium the ability to operate and attract opportunities that a single company could hardly achieve. The priciple of opportunity sharing is therefore a core value; this is not going to affect the identity, decision-making and operational autonomy of each consortium member or technical partner. In fact, the objective of the Consortium is not to aggregate a multitude of companies, but to develop opportunities for those that, together with other companies, want to grow harmoniously in an extremely dynamic and complex market such as Asia.

Our motto has always been

One Target, One Network;
One Network, more Business


The Italian Aerospace Network includes three types oh membership: CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP, TECHNICAL MEMBERSHIP and PERSONAL MEMBERSHIP.

The membership fee is valid for one year after membership/renewal, and includes reduced renewal fees. The value of the membership/renewal quota is a function of company size: LARGE(>60 employees), MEDIUM (from 3 to 60 employees) and SMALL (1/2 employees or start-up).


Annual costs according to company size

Membership costs vary according to company size (LARGE | MEDIUM | SMALL) and have an annual billing cycle (12 months).

Membership is also available as partners or as individuals.

12 months, excluding VAT
12 months, excluding VAT
12 months, excluding VAT


For SMEs operating in the aviation sector

The CORPORATE MEMBERSHIP membership category is dedicated to companies (SMEs) that want to actively participate in the activities of the Italian Aerospace Network, that are willing to develop their activities in foreign markets and that are able to bring a significant contribution in terms of products/services and projects in the aerospace field

SME 100%
Aerospace 80%
Development of new markets 90%
My company (DOA and POA) was selected in 2018 as a supplier for an IAN project. As of 2019, we are consortium members. I appreciate the principles of the Consortium, I have found new opportunities and a lot of professionalism. We have also initiated new collaborations with other member companies. This is a further added value resulting from the network.
Stefano Boggi
Boggi Aeronautics - CEO


For companies that want to find new opportunities, or for those that are no longer SMEs

The category TECHNICAL PARTNERSHIP is dedicated to all those companies that, despite having the aeronautical and aerospace sector as their reference sector (main or secondary), to date are not able to actively participate in the Consortium’s activities or, they are not able to find a precise location in relation to the planned and foreseen activities except in anticipation of involvement in specific projects. The TECHNICAL PARTNERSHIP category is also reserved for non-SMEs.

SME 30%
Aerospace 25%
Development of new markets 90%
We have been technical partners since 2017. TXT is not an SME and we have a worldwide presence. We had a dealer in China but the results were not up to our expectations. With the Consortium, we set up a development plan, carried out activities in the field and started to reap concrete results. Even during the pandemic, we did not experience a significant drop, thanks to the on-site support and integration of our resources with the Consortium staff.
Daniele Misani
TXT e-solution S.p.A - CEO


For professionals, regardless of the company

The PERSONAL MEMBERSHIP category is dedicated to professionals and experts in the sector who want to participate in the consortium’s activities in the first person without necessarily directly involving the company they work for, or to individuals who are self-employed.

I saw the birth of the consortium when I was still working as an employee of one of the founding company. I have been a freelancer since 2015. Thanks to the Consortium, I acquired customers. It is an effective and very dynamic working tool.
Federico Nafi
Freelancer - BDM Aviation

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