Excellent Foreign Expert Award Ceremony”, Xi’an Municipal People’s Government Hall, November 29th 2016

For the first time the Xi’an Municipal People’s Government has assigned some five”Xi’an Friendship Awards” and some other ten”Xi’an Excellent Foreign Expert Awards”.match

In recognition of the development and contribution provided to the growing city of Xi’an, Mr. Riccardo Coli, Representative of Neos Aerospace Technologies (Xi’an) Co. Ltd., and Secretary General of Italian Aerospace Network, Mr. Andrea Spiriti, President of Neos Aerospace Technologies (Xi’an) Co. Ltd., and Chairman of Italian Aerospace Network were awarded by the Mayor of Xi’an Mr. Shangguan Ji Qing as one of the “Excellent Foreign Expert”.

A warm greeting to the city of Xi’an that welcomes Mr. Riccardo Coli and Mr. Andrea Spiriti, likewise a developing number of experts from all of the world, and make its city one of the best practice for its capability to merge traditions and innovations.





为了表彰对西安这个成长中的城市的发展上做出的贡献,耐思航空科技(西安)有限公司代表,意大利航天企业协会秘书长Riccardo Coli先生、耐思航空科技(西安)有限公司总裁,意大利航天企业协会主席Andrea Spiriti先生被西安市市长上官纪庆授予“优秀外国专家”称号。

西安市对Riccardo Coli先生、Andrea Spiriti先生以及越来越多的来自世界各地的专家的诚挚问候及欢迎,使西安市成为融合传统和创新能力的最佳实践。