First Aircraft Institute (FAI) @ PoliTo

The first incoming activity has been successefully done by IAN.

On January 8th a delegation of  six FAI‘s engineers met a team of PoliTO Professors operating at Department of Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering (DIMEAS).

FAI delegation had the opportunity to visit the DIMEAS laboratories and to discuss about cooperation programs into aerostructures analisys and testing.

This visit arise from some preliminary activities performed jointly by IAN and DIMEAS into 2019.

Our special thanks to Prof. Giorgio Guglieri, for his coordination and supervision, to Prof. Marco Gherlone, Prof. Enrico Cestino, Prof. Giacomo Frulla, Prof. Salvatore Brischetto, Prof. Pierangelo Masarati and Dr. Elisa Capello for their  high value contribution in terms of knowledge and cooperation.

After Chinese New Year FAI and DIMEAS will define a formal cooperation agreement.