Delta Interior Design, Member of Italian Aerospace Network (IAN), will attend the “Asian Business Aviation Conference & Exhibition 2017” (ABACE), which will take place in Shanghai from April 11th to 13th 2017.

IAN warmly welcomes you to visit our Booth located at P138 in the Shanghai Hawker Pacific Business Aviation Service Center, where Delta Interior Design also successfully established, in 2014, a workshop to perform interior decorations and modifications of business jets, general aviation aircraft and helicopters.

Located in Shanghai Hongqiao International Airport, the static display of aircraft at ABACE2017 offers an unparalleled opportunity to make an up-close, side-by-side comparison of several types of aircraft in production today.

ABACE is the region’s largest event dedicated to showcasing business aviation products and services to thousands of the region’s top business leaders, entrepreneurs, wealth creators and other purchase decision-makers. In partnership with the Shanghai Airport Authority (SAA) and co-hosted by the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the Asian Business Aviation Association (AsBAA), the event serves not just as a premiere marketplace for connecting buyers and sellers in Shanghai, but as a catalyst for growing the industry across the Asian region.

To arrange a meeting please contact Mr. Riccardo Coli, Secretary General of IAN,



2017年4月11日-13日,意大利航空航天企业协会会员单位Delta Interior Design参加了此次在上海举办的2017年亚洲商务航空大会和展览会(ABACE)。

意大利航空航天企业协会IAN热烈欢迎您的到访,我们的展位号:上海霍克太平洋公务航空服务中心P138。 在2014年,也就是在这里,Delta Interior Design在这里建立了办公室,在这里展出了商务机,通用航空飞机和直升机室内空间的装饰和改装产品。

在上海虹桥国际机场,ABACE 2017的飞机静态展提供了一个无与伦比的机会可近距离的接触和观察各种类型的飞机。

ABACE已成为服务于成千上万地区商业领袖,企业家,财富创造者和其他购买决策者的该地区最大规模的商业航空产品展示区域。与上海机场管理局(SAA)合作,美国国家公务航空协会 (NBAA)和亚洲公务航空协会(AsBAA) 联合主办,此次活动不仅仅是作为联系买卖双方的市场,更是一枚催化剂,辐射整个亚洲地区日益增长的行业。

如果您需要和我们协会以及协会的会员单位进行会议,请联系意大利航空航天协会IAN 秘书长 Riccardo Coli 先生,