CAM00855Officially organized by AVIC CanNews and Oppland Corporation, the 2nd CCHS 2015 took place in Beijing on June 30th and July 1st 2015.

Among the 12 Italian Members formally part of IAN, the targeted focus aimed at presenting to the Chinese selected guests 5 specific business proposals:

  • Research and development of training devices for the helicopter industry (Neos Aerospace Technologies);
  • Research, production and analysis of major helicopter components (Sator Aerospace);
  • Research, design and production of business and VIP helicopter interiors (Delta Interior Design);
  • Research and development of simulation technologies (Xesa Systems);
  • Engineering of heliports and helipads (AE Engineering).

Respectively, the 5 Italian enterprises that joined CCHS 2015 were Neos Aerospace Technology, Sator Aerospace, Delta Interior Design, Xesa Systems and Airport Engine Engineering.


The Summit started with the opening speech of Mr. Wang Xia, General Director China Air Transportation Association, followed by these speeches and other very interesting panels’ discussions:

  • Sun Qingmin, Deputy-General Director of AVIC Helicopter;
  • Yang Dongfeng, Captain Public Security Bureau of Beijing;
  • Xu Lidong, Executive President Beijing Capital Helicopter;
  • Huang Yong, President Chongqing General Aviation Industry Group;
  • Tian Zhengbiao, Vice-President Beijing Red Cross Emergency Center;
  • Wang Peng, Deputy-General Director Haifeng General Aviation Technology;
  • Andrea Spiriti, President Italian Aerospace Network and CEO Neos Aerospace Technologies;
  • Qian Siwei, President Xi’an Heli Rescue Services;
  • Lu Xin, Marketing Director Airbus Helicopter;
  • Saverio Lazzaro, CEO Sator Aerospace;
  • Wu Xiaowen, Deputy General Manager AVIC Changhe Aircraft Industry Group;
  • Tan Wenyao, Manager Bell Helicopters;
  • Flavio Antonini, Partner Airport Engine Engineering;
  • Wang Jianhong, Deputy General Manager Zenisun Heliport Group.

Among the sponsors, Honeywell, AgustaWestland, GBR Helicopters and CITIC Financial Leasing.

Through its participation to CCHS 2015, Italian Aerospace Network attracted great interest from the main players of the Chinese growing helicopter industry, that according to the Central Government is going to need over 11.000 new helicopters and 2.400 general aviation airports/heliports in the next 10 years.

Over 200 selected guests attended CCHS 2015 in Beijing and discussed with IAN Members about current and future projects.

As strategic market advantage IAN keeps working on a daily basis therefore it successfully grows and nurtures relationships before, during and after specific events, conferences, forums, etc.


It is important for IAN to provide efficiency for the Italian and Chinese parties involved in the bi-lateral relationships in terms of technical, sales and after-sales support.