Brancaro Industries


Brancaro Industries is the FIRST Agile company in Avionics Engineering Services.

We cover all development and integration engineering activities such as 3D Drawings, Thermal & Mechanical simulations, Systems schematics, Wiring diagrams, Flight test cards, FTI Data analysis, Environmental qualification, Compliance matrix, Technical Specifications, EASA/FAA Certification documentation, RAMS Analysis.

Brancaro Industries is currently helping a number of Avionics OEMs, Aircrafts OEMs (manned and unmanned) and System Integrators in speeding-up their avionics engineering activities. Our customer base includes top-leading players in the market.


Top competencies:

  • Avionic System Integration
  • Electrical Engineering Activities
  • Certification Documents
  • Laboratory & Flight Testing documentation
  • Environmental Certification Documents
  • Thermal, Electrical Analysis
  • Safety & Reliability Analysis



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