De Besi – Di Giacomo S.p.A

De Besi – Di Giacomo S.p.A. , Insurance and Reinsurance Brokerage Consulting Company with offices in Rome and Milan, has been working effectively in the Italian and international insurance market since 1959.

DBDG represents Italy in the world insurance brokerage world, through the partnership with four major international networks.

We are therefore able to follow the customer directly in the local territory in over 110 countries, taking advantage of the knowledge and know-how of our correspondents, guaranteeing professionalism and assistance at 360 degrees. We are in an ideal position to organize the best insurance solutions built around the specific needs of our customers. We offer the service in over 110 countries, 5 continents, with the support of over 20,000 experts.

Top competencies are

Enterprise Risk Management

Due Diligence


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