14th March 2017, IAN Italian Aviation Tour 2017 formally started.


Following the signature of the Strategic Agreement with Sino-Italy Ningbo Ecological Park (SINE Park) for the development of ten advanced integrated projects in the General Aviation industry, IAN hosted a delegation from Yuyao (Ningbo), which visited Italy to undertake a preliminary technical and commercial evaluation of IAN projects.


The SINE Park delegation’s tour started in Bolzano, IAN headquarter, on March 15th 2017, with a plenary session together with IAN members to deeper discuss about next steps to be jointly conducted. The meeting in Bolzano also represented a milestone for the institutional relationship between Bolzano city and Yuyao (Ningbo) city. Both of the cities, and Provinces are investing a lot in innovation and technology, fully supporting cooperation programs between Italy and China.

The SINE Park delegation’s tour included several stop-overs in the northern part of Italy, such as: Udine, Verona, Brescia, Cremona and Milan. Each stop-over was focused on one or more IAN Advanced Integrated Project (AIP).


On March 17th, at Cremona Migliaro General Aviation Airport, IAN organized something that had not happened for quite a long time. A “IAN Aviation Airshow” was organized to show the presence of several light aircraft, such as: two light helicopters (Konner K1 and Famà Kiss 09), two autogyros (Magni M16, a trainer, and Magni Orion, a closed-cabin tourer), one high-wing aircraft (Aviator), one low-wing aircraft (F30-Brio, designed by the Italian engineer Stelio Frati, re-engineered with the new Italian four-stroke 150hp airborne engine MWB22). An in-flight demo was provided by IAN to the SINE Park delegation to show how these aircraft are suitable for the Chinese general aviation industry. All of the Italian companies work together looking for the success of the IAN initiative, the real value added for any future growing in the Chinese market.


SINE Park delegation’s tour ended on March 18th 2017, with a meeting with the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology (DAER), Milan Polytechnic University, which focused on two high-tech projects: HYBRIS (a 4 seat aircraft) and NIBBIO (a tilt-rotor).

SINE Park delegation’s return to Italy is planned to be at the beginning of May 2017, to undertake the second stage of the cooperation development with IAN.


IAN Italian Aviation Tour 2017 is going on straight to his target – to boost business opportunities for Italian SME. Within the end of the year, at least 5 chinese delegations will meet IAN in Italy. On April Chengdu and Xi’an delegations, on May Yuyao (Ningbo), in the following months Wuhan, Dalian, Tianjin and Quingdao.

Get in contact with us may you wish to know more about IAN Advanced Integrated Project and IAN Aviation Tour 2017.

2017314IAN 意大利航空之旅2017 正式起航。




余姚代表团此行开始于3月15日,在IAN项目的总部博尔扎诺,与IAN成员进行全体会议,深入探讨下一步关于接下来共同采取的措施。 在博尔扎诺召开的这次会议也代表着博尔扎诺市与余姚(宁波)市制度关系的一个里程碑。 两个城市以及省份,都为全力支持意大利和中国的合作项目,在创新和技术方面投入颇多。


余姚代表团参观包括意大利北部:乌迪内,维罗纳,布雷西亚,克雷莫纳和米兰。 每个停靠点都侧重于一个或多个IAN综合项目。


3月17日,在克雷莫纳的米莉亚罗通用航空机场,一件很久都没在意大利发生过的事情发生了。 在一个小型的轻型航空航展上,M16作为训练员,俄里翁作为封闭式客舱旅行者,用两架轻型直升机——Konner K1和FamàKiss 09,以及两架马尼旋翼飞机,为余姚代表团做了圆满的飞行示范。 更准确地说,一个是适合于飞行学校的宽敞的机舱高翼飞行器; 低翼飞行器是新型意大利四冲程150hp机载发动机MW B22再设计的,以及由意大利著名工程师Stelio Frati设计的高性能,低翼的两座F-30 Brio,显示出意大利中小企业可以提供适合中国市场的几个好项目的证据。所有意大利公司共同合作,一起寻求在IAN倡议内的成功,寻求未来在中国市场上真正的附加值。


余姚此行于3月18日在航空航天科技部(DAER)——米兰政治局结束。 此次会议的重点是两个高科技项目:HYBRIS(四座飞机)和NIBBIO(倾斜转子)。



IAN意大利航空之旅2017将直接推向他的目标 -——为意大利中小企业提供商机。 年底至少有五个中国代表团将会在意大利接触IAN项目。 在四月份有成都和西安代表团,五月余姚(宁波),接下来的几个月有武汉,大连,天津,青岛等地的代表团。



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